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Intelephant PagePeel for Joomla displays a peelaway ad in any corner of your Joomla pages.

Additionally, you can create multiple instances of the module and display a peelaway ad in multiple corners of your pages, or you can display different ads on different pages.



Set the values of the parameters in the Details section as you would for any other module. The Position is not critical, as long as the Position is assigned to the article. The module's actual position is defined in the Basic Options section.

Basic Options


This is the position on the page you want the PagePeel module to display. Choose from TopRight, TopLeft, BottomRight, and BottomLeft.

Ad Image

This is the URL for the image shown behind the PagePeel image.

Peel Image

This is the URL for the peel image. Eight images have been provided for you:
  • PeelDarkTR.png
  • PeelDarkTL.png
  • PeelDarkBR.png
  • PeelDarkBL.png
  • PeelLightTR.png
  • PeelLightTL.png
  • PeelLightBR.png
  • PeelLightBL.png
These images can be found in your site's /modules/mod_intelephant_pagepeel/images folder.

Image Link

This is the click-through URL for the ad.

Small Size

This is the width of the Peel Image before mouseover.

Big Size

This is the width of the full-size ad image.

Advanced Options

jQuery library

Select Yes to load the jQuery library provided with the module.


Use this field to add your own CSS.

Module Class Suffix

A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable). This allows individual module styling.

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